Johnny Gosch the Presidential Pet


On the morning of September 5, 1982, 12 year old Johnny Gosch left his home in West Des Moines, Iowa before dawn to begin his paper route. Little did he know that it would be the last time he would ever see his home. He picked up his papers and began his route. Later in the morning John and Noreen Gosch began receiving phone calls about undelivered papers, and Noreen instantly knew something was wrong. Johnny prided himself on getting the papers to their recipients on time, using the dock in pay for late papers as incentive.

 As the kidnapping investigation began, investigators questioned neighbors about anything they might have seen. A neighbor named Mike came forward and said he had seen Johnny, through his bedroom window, talking to a stocky man in a blue two-toned Ford Fairline with Nebraska plates. As Gosch headed in the direction of his home, he observed another man following Gosch. One might wonder why the neighbor did not report this thus preventing the entire ordeal, but you must remember that this was a time in our country where people weren’t afraid to sleep with unlocked doors and open windows. How could Mike have known the events that were to transpire? Other witnesses say Johnny was hit with a tranquilizer dart and quickly taken away in the back seat of a car.

 Noreen Gosch, in her public statements and her book Why Johnny Can’t Come Home, criticizes what she perceives as a slow reaction time from authorities, and of the then-current policy that Gosch could not be classified as a missing person until 72 hours had passed. By her accounts, the police did not arrive to take her report for a full 45 minutes.

In 1984, Gosch’s photograph appeared alongside that of  Juanita Rafaela Estavezn on milk cartons across America; they were the second abducted children to have their plights publicized in this way. For those of you who know where I am headed with this in the way of symbolism, bear with me as I explain to those who don’t. If you wonder why the satanic global elite would bother to show their works to the public, you must remember they feel it gives them power to be hidden in plain site. Their symbols themselves don’t show their origins or true meanings; the Illuminati are Luciferians & they practice idol [symbol] worship. It’s not the symbols that are controlling the people, but it’s the association of something known & liked to their agendas & the corporations they control, that are helping to carry them out. You might find a pattern in Illuminati owned company logos. For example, the new Carl’s Jr logo, they tilted the star to more closely resemble the baphomet. That’s right, a simple tilt of the star and the logo takes on a whole new meaning. For those in the know this tends to lean towards the owner of the company striking a deal with Satan….or the multitudes of satanists who worship him at the very least.


 The case quickly attained national interest as Noreen Gosch became ever more vocal about the incompetence of law enforcement’s tactics and the mishandling of missing children cases. She established the Johnny Gosch foundation in 1982 and traveled the country speaking to school aged children about the tactics of sexual predators. She lobbied for “The Johnny Gosch Bill”, state legislation which would mandate an immediate police response to reports of missing children. The bill became law in Iowa in 1984, and similar or identical laws were later passed in Missouri and seven other states. In August 1984, Ms. Gosch testified in Senate hearings on organized crime, speaking out against “organized pedophilia” and it’s alleged role in her son’s abduction. She soon after began receiving death threats, but she would not be detoured. She continued to testify and lobby for missing children’s foundations. All while never giving up hope that her son was alive.

 On the first day of September 2006 a report came out from CNN that Gosch’s mother found photographs left on her front door, some of which she posted on her website. One color photo shows three boys bound and gagged. A black-and-white photo appears to show 12-year-old Johnny Gosch with his mouth gagged, his hands and feet tied, and a human brand on his arm.


Ms. Gosch updated her website to say that the first two photos had originated on a website, and police confirmed this fact. Some of these pictures have since been removed.

The identity of the children in the photos was first publicly disputed on September 13, after an anonymous letter was mailed to Des Moines police,


Someone has played a reprehensible joke on a grieving mother. The photo in question is not one of her son but of three boys in Tampa, Florida about 1979-80, challenging each other to an escape contest. There was an investigation concerning that picture, made by the Hillsborough County (FL) Sheriff’s Office. No charges were filed, and no wrong doing was established. The lead detective on the case was named Zalva. This allegation should be easy enough to check out.

Nelson Zalva, who worked for the Hillsborough County, Fla. sheriff in the 1970s, confirms the details of the letter and adds that he also investigated the black-and-white in “1978 or 1979”, before Gosch’s disappearance. On a personal note I wonder how much money was handed over for this detective to sell his soul because regardless of the claims made by Zalva, Ms. Gosch is adamant that the black-and-white photo shows her son. “One of the photos is definitely Johnny,” she said. And as of September 22, Florida authorities had not found the files related to Zalva’s case. “It’s been like searching for a needle in a haystack,” Zalva said on September 21. Zalva still maintains his recollection of the case, and expressed hope that the tipster or someone in the pictures would step forward. Lt. Jeff Miller, spokesman for the West Des Moines Police Department, said that he does not believe any new leads are being pursued. (Of course!!)

I’m going to give you some pictures to ponder as I move on to the second part, which investigates claims that a White House reporter named Jeff Gannon is in fact Johnny Gosch.


Noreen Gosch claimed she saw Johnny on television two years after he went missing, standing behind George Bush, Sr.


Here is an overlay of Johnny Gosch and White House reporter Jeff Ganon.

In January, a journalist named Jeff Gannon asked softball questions to President Bush at his weekly press briefing. The questions were so factually inaccurate, people started asking questions. Soon, media colleagues learned Jeff Gannon was really Jim Guckert, a former homosexual prostitute calling himself “Bulldog.” But, private investigators say Guckert’s story is full of holes. Investigator James Rothstein says, “Going back to his high school, the Guckert picture doesn’t look anything like he does now a days.” That was the first clue former New York City Police Detective found. KWWL talked him in his hometown of Saint Martin, Minnesota. Rothstein told us, “This is no accident that a guy like Gannon ends up in front of the press corps in the white house.


Noreen Gosch, says Johnny visited her in 1997, “The night that he came here, he was wearing jeans and a shirt and a coat on because it was March. It was cold and his hair was long, it was shoulder length and it was straight and dyed black.” After the visit, Noreen had the FBI create a picture she says looked like Johnny. But, in light of recent events, people like Rothstein question the picture’s accuracy. He says John has had plastic surgery, “I do have information that Johnny was worked on and this is quite reliable information.” Perhaps just as reliable as the recent phone call Noreen Gosch received telling her Jeff Gannon is her son. Mrs. Gosch says, “He’s been in touch with Gannon for months and months and knows him to be Johnny Gosch. And, that’s what this gentleman has gone on record and said.”

Investigator Rothstein says, “That’s when Noreen called me and said, ‘Hey, what do you think?’
I looked at the photos and it looks like it could be, you don’t know.” We asked Mrs. Gosch, “Is it
possible to look at these and say this is my son or this isn’t my son?” Mrs. Gosch replied, “I don’t
know if it’s Johnny for sure. I just don’t know. That’s why I have requested DNA because I think that
would be the conclusive way to prove it one way or the other. There are enough features that are
identical to my son’s when you compare and put the two photos together to make me want to ask for DNA.

And, while the idea may seem far fetched, investigator Rothstein says everything fits, “When you look into the whole abduction of Johnny, what happened, the cover-up that took place, the way the kidnapping was done. This was a professional job and it fits the profile that I have seen over the years as a professional investigator.” Rothstein says his investigators asked Gannon about Johnny Gosch, “We had somebody down there already that knocked on his door and the minute he said do you know this woman in Iowa? And, he slammed the door in his face.” And, during another attempt, he asked him if he was Johnny Gosch. And, Gannon’s reply was, “I really feel Noreen’s pain.” He didn’t deny he was Johnny Gosch, but he didn’t admit it either.

That leaves only one way to find out the truth. Mrs. Gosch says, “Even though there is so much resemblance to Johnny, I just feel like the DNA has to be done to make it conclusive before I could say yes or no for sure.” So far, any attempts to obtain Gannon’s DNA have been unsuccessful. Rothstein says if Gannon is Gosch, he will protect that identity at all costs, “You have to realize that even from the self-admitted information that he admitted that he was a male escort, you get involved in criminal elements and before he can come forward, he better have a real good legal team behind him and that way he will be able to defend himself or work a deal before he comes out because his is no accident that a guy like Gannon ends up in front of the press corps in the White House.”

Some people, such as myself, suggest Jeff Gannon to be the product of government training. An operative who uses sex to black mail government officials while being used by those in power for their own sexual gratification. Others like James Rothstein suggest Johnny Gosch became Jeff Gannon to expose the criminals who kidnapped him, destroying his life and putting his family through hell. I say, don’t be so sure Jeff Gannon even knows that he is Johnny Gosch. Johnny Gosch might only be an alternated personality now and Jeff Gannon is the shell alter that says to the world, “Everything’s alright, I’m not hurting.”



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    • Thanks for that link. I had no idea all that was known about the case. The fact that he was purchased by Aquino and the sightings. That’s just unbelievable, and that’s why most will NEVER believe it.

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