Let me explain my mixed bag :)

You will not find anything mainstream here. Instead, I am here to challenge the opposition. I firmly believe that there are more monsters under the bed than we could have ever imagined. The whispers throughout history of a conspiracy do ring true. I will most likely offend you, as I do where ever my beliefs and I go, but do not be so haste to judge before hearing my side. It’s the easiest thing in the world to cast someone off as crazy, and even easier still if you never try to understand what they are saying. I hope to show that symbols and signs are used to hypnotize you. And also how the mainstream media is a tool used to brainwash and deceive, all while satanic pop idols wiggle and gyrate on the television to lull you. I cover topics such as CIA trauma based mind control (MK Ultra) Project Bluebird, Project Bluebeam, Operation Northwoods, and satanic Hollywood and Washington DC. If I do nothing to rouse you from your slumber, may you at least be entertained.



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