Life begins at conception

Life begins at conception

Not a blob of tissue. Not “a problem to deal with”. Not a parasite. A baby, an infant, a person, a life. There are people like me all over the world who would love to take care of your baby and love it as our own. There’s something selfish inside of YOU that says….”If I can’t have it, no one can” or “I’d rather destroy it, than give it to you.”


4 thoughts on “Life begins at conception

  1. Or you’re smart enough to understand it’d be better off dead with the unknown future of our species and the population spike.

    • I could never say that about a child. All life deserves a chance. Imagine if they had started saying that 50 yrs ago (which they did) and all parents listened. We might not be here now. I was almost aborted, but I thank my mother for the chance to make my own mistakes and a chance at life…..whatever the quality. You must see that??

    • Also over population is a lie taught by the satanic global elite. There’s enough square footage in Texas alone to house over half the population. Just because some people own ALL the land and won’t share, doesn’t make the world over populated.

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